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A deep dive into the chemistry of indoor environments and its influence on respiratory health led to gush's innovation of building materials. Collaborating with leading scientists and research partners, we developed a scientifically proven formulation specifically to better living environments.

Breaking Down Bad Air

The air within most indoor spaces contains air pollutants such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). These are released from common sources such as furniture, decorative elements, incomplete combustion of fuel and chemicals found in everyday products. Long-term accumulation of VOCs in confined spaces poses a serious threat to the physical and mental health of those living inside.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are an umbrella term that encompasses gases released by products or processes. The main harmful VOCs causing indoor air pollution can be divided into three categories:

• Aldehydes

• Benzene series

• Other VOCs

Common Aldehydes and Benzene series gases found in the indoor decoration pollution environment include: Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Benzene, Toluene, Xylene.

Various studies have shown that exposure to Formaldehyde and the Benzene series of chemicals causes neurotoxicity (causing symptoms such as neurasthenia, headache, insomnia, dizziness, fatigue of lower limbs) and genetic toxicity (destroying DNA). Prolonged exposure can even cause anaemia and leukemia in the body.

Our Solution: gush Paints

The gush proprietary catalyst (GPC) is a patented active ingredient incorporated into our paint formulation. This allows interior surfaces painted with gush paints to constantly break down VOCs present in the room. After rigorous testing, the GPC is proven to be effective for at least 5 - 8 years under real-life conditions, which means years of constantly purifying your indoor air.

Using the principle of lattice doping and electron hole positioning, the GPC interacts with oxygen and water vapour in the air to form radical agents on the surface of the paint. These radical agents, upon contact, break down formaldehyde and benzenes into harmless substances like CO2 and H2O, thereby purifying the air from these harmful substances.

These radical agents have an activation energy of more than 120 kcal/mol, which has a strong oxidative ability to cut organic chemical bonds in most VOCs such as:

  • C-H: 99 kcal/mol
  • O-H: 111 kcal/mol
  • C-Cl: 81 kcal/mol
  • C-C: 83 kcal/mol

VOCs are broken down at the rate of 99% in 21 hours.

The VOCs affected are the aldehydes (including Formaldehyde and Acetaldehyde), the benzene series (including Benzene, Toulene, and Xylene), and most other VOCs. In rectification terms, it is effective in both removal of odourless VOCs like Formaldehyde, as well as deodorising.

gush paints will continuously purify the air for as long as the period between which an average household repaints – covering the risk of building materials off-gassing in an extended period of time. VOCs are broken down at the rate of 99% in 21 hours, purifying the air and making your spaces cleaner and healthier to live in.

Cleaner Air, Everyday

Good air circulation ensures a more efficient purification process than regular air purifying technologies, as it speeds up the rate at which the toxic chemicals and harmful VOCs come into contact with painted surfaces. gush paints — cair and cair fresh — ensure a constant flow of clean air and good air circulation. Both formulated with GPC, cair paint speeds up the process of air purification, while cair fresh offers an additional easy-wash functionality.

Both cair and cair fresh purify the air of VOCs efficiently and both paints work well as a system together. We recommend using cair on your ceilings for circulation and cair fresh on your walls for fuss-free maintenance and washability, thereby enjoying cleaner spaces both in terms of air quality as well as aesthetics.

gush paints have been tested and proven to not emit any significant chemical compounds into the air, making it safe for children and infants.

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