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Application on wooden surfaces is possible, but not recommended. Our paint is not able to replicate the natural beauty of wooden surfaces due to its matte-texture finish. If you wish to paint gush on wood, you would need to apply a layer of sealer first to ensure that the paint adheres well. The finished surface may also be prone to scratches due to the matte finish.

Application is also possible but not recommended. If you wish to paint gush on plastic, you would need to apply a layer of sealer first to ensure that the paint adheres well. The finished surface may also be prone to scratches due to the matte finish.

cair / cair fresh interior paint should not be applied to metal surfaces, as
it is a water-based, latex paint which may cause rusting of the metal

For new and existing masonry surfaces like cement, concrete, plastered walls, and fiber boards. Surface should be properly prepared to ensure the best finish, and properly primed to ensure the longevity and performance of the paint

Nope, you don’t need to! gush paints are formulated for immediate
application straight from the tin. In fact, adding water reduces our paints’
efficacy. Simply stir the paint well, and you’re good to go!
Should you need to thin our paint, only clean water should be used to
prevent contamination of the paint. Also, water added to paint should
never exceed 10% of the overall paint solution.

Sealer helps neutralise existing alkalis on the wall, which can cause
peeling, staining or cracking of paint surfaces. It also helps remove
excess moisture trapped within the walls, preventing mould
and efflorescence growth.
Additionally, sealer allows paint to adhere better to walls.  

We would especially recommend using sealer if:

  • There are previous issues with the wall, like hard-to-cover
    marks due to stains or grease, or patched-up areas
  • You are changing from a dark to light colour
  • This is the very first paint layer being applied to fresh drywall
  • It has been 5 years since the last painting
  • The wall was previously painted with an oil-based, emulsion

gush interior paint has been sold publicly since 2017. The name ‘gush
cair interior paint’ has been implemented since 2019.
You can view our product testing and certifications here:

1 gallon of gush interior paint can cover approximately 400 sqft at a dry film thickness of 30 microns.

In order to guarantee the best color performance and surface finish, gush recommends that 2 coats be applied.

The air-purifying features of cair / cair fresh have been tested to last for up to 8 years. We are also confident in our paint’s anti-molding capabilities, and color performance and extend a limited lifetime warranty for all paint purchases. Our anti-bacterial capabilities should not deteriorate under normal usage.

gush paints have been tested according to Singapore’s industry level of SS 150: 2015 specifications, with the Wet Scrub Resistance test; in which a wear and tear simulation was used to assess the durability of the product. The lower the loss in thickness of the paint coating during the test, the greater the durability. The passing mark was 20 microns mean loss in thickness. At the end of the test, the sample of cair interior paint had a mean loss in thickness of 5.4 microns.

The paint might fade over prolonged exposure to sunlight, just as all
paints will be subject to some form of gradual discolouration when
in UV light.

It’s best to remove any existing mould before applying gush paint.

Doing it yourself? You can use mould removing solvents to scrub and wipe away any existing mould.

If your mould problems are severe, we suggest that you reach out to a mould removal specialist to assist you with solving the issue prior to painting. It is important that mould is effectively removed prior to painting to minimize the risk of recurrence.

Upon removal of the mould, you must apply a layer of sealer before painting to minimise future potential mould growth.

As an original purchaser of our paints, you will be covered by a limited
lifetime warranty in which cracking, chipping, blistering or peeling from
the paint, on properly prepared surfaces, are covered, subject to terms
and conditions.

Our paint takes 3-5 working days to be delivered to you.

At the moment, we cannot expedite deliveries or do not have alternate shipping options as we are just in California as a pop-up store for the time-being.

Our daily delivery schedule hours are from 11am to 6pm, so you
can expect it to arrive within that period. We seek your
understanding in that we can’t give you a more specific window, as
our delivery team might experience changes to their delivery routes.
To find out your specific delivery date, please write in to us at, or DM us on our social pages, with your
name and order number!

You enjoy free delivery for orders of $140 and above.

Sure thing! Please fill up the enquiry form on our Contact page, or
drop us an email at You can also message
us on Instagram at @gush.usa.

Kindly include these details:

  • The estimate size of the area you are painting
  •  Is this a new/ old unit
  • Your contact number and name for us to respond to you

The range of colors online is specifically curated; hence we do not have a color book solely for this range.

Yes, we do! Check out our instructional video here, by the
wonderful Inch Chua.

We hope you have fun painting your walls as much as she did! 

We’re very sorry to hear that.

If you require any assistance, please reach
out to our friendly team at and we’ll assist
you shortly! You can also give us a call at 833 – 333 – 4874 (GUSH).

Self-collection is not available as we do not have any retail stores for the time-being.